Qualification Criteria


South County Habitat for Humanity will consider applications from persons who, for a period of one year or more, have been living or working in Washington (South) County. Applications are only accepted during designated application periods and will be reviewed by a committee of volunteers. Habitat considers the following in its review process (includes but not limited to):

Need for Housing

Applicant does not qualify for a mortgage through other programs and meets one or more of the following:

  • Applicant is homeless
  • Current housing is substandard (dysfunctional heating, electrical, plumbing or other building code violations that make the property unsafe, etc.)
  • Dwelling is of insufficient size for the number of occupants
  • Current housing is transitional or temporary
  • Rent is excessive in relation to income (>30% of Gross Income)

Ability to Pay the Mortgage

  • Applicant(s) total household income is 60% or less than HUD’s local median income (LAMI)
  • Applicant(s) debt is within acceptable limits (housing cost plus long-term debt cannot exceed 50% of gross income)
  • Applicant(s) credit history cannot include default on student loans, tax liens or judgments of any kind, bankruptcy or foreclosure (unless proof of discharge can be provided), and show reasonable financial responsibility.
  • Applicant(s) can make a down payment equal to 1% of the purchase price prior to closing, and can pay closing costs


Willingness to Partner 

  • Applicant(s) complete the enclosed application and provide required documentation within the designated time period
  • Applicant(s) consent to income and credit verification by Habitat
  • Applicant(s) agree to criminal and sexual offender background checks
  • Applicant(s) agree to invest “Sweat Equity” labor
  • Applicant(s) agree to complete all required homebuyer education courses
  • Applicant(s) agree to make timely monthly payments
  • Applicant(s) agree to maintain their home and grounds’ in good repair and appearance
  • Applicant(s) strive to be good community neighbors


* Household income and level of debt may be verified on a quarterly basis prior to closing. If there are any changes that may adversely affect the applicant’s ability to afford a Habitat home, or income exceeds 60% of LAMI before purchase or information on the application is proven to be false or fraudulent, the Board of Directors will render a decision concerning the applicant’s status in the homeownership program.