Qualification Criteria


South County Habitat for Humanity will consider applications from persons who, for a period of one year or more, have been living or working in Washington (South) County. Applications are only accepted during designated application periods and will be reviewed by a committee of volunteers. Habitat considers the following in its review process (includes but not limited to):

Need for Housing

  • Indicators of need for adequate housing (one or more must apply)

i. Structural problems (leaky roof, unsafe flooring, etc.)
ii. Inadequate electrical system, plumbing or lack of an indoor bathroom
iii. Lack of functioning entrance and exit points – front and back doors
iv. Unsafe heating system or no formal heating system
v. Unsuitable neighborhood (unsafe or unsanitary)
vi. Unhealthy conditions, including, but not limited to, mold or pest infestation
vii. Inoperable kitchen or bathroom
viii. Little or no insulation
ix. Broken or missing windows
x. Inadequate number of bedrooms, as determined by number, ages and genders of household member
xi. Homelessness – i.e. living with friends or relatives in temporary housing
xii. Cost burdened: Cost of rent is more than 30 percent of family’s monthly income
xiii. Applicant has been denied conventional or government-assisted mortgage loan
xiv. Government-subsidized housing (e.g., housing authority or Section 8 housing)


Ability to Pay the Mortgage

  • Ability to pay (must meet all criteria)

i. Household income (all income earned by those 18+ who anticipate living in the home for at least the following three years) falls within 60% range of HUD Income Guidelines
ii. Applicant will pay the down payment and closing costs
iii. Applicants housing ratio does not exceed 30%
iv. Applicants debt to income (DTI) does not exceed 43%
v. Applicant does not have more than $2,000 in charge-offs or collection debt


Willingness to Partner 

  • Willingness to partner (must meet all criteria)

i. Applicant agrees to fulfill the sweat equity requirements of SCHH
ii. Applicant agrees to maintain the home
iii. Applicant agrees to pay monthly mortgage without default
iv. Applicant will (or has) completed Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education
v. Applicant agrees to cooperate with all aspects of the program
vi. Applicant agrees to be respectful of all persons encountered through the program


►Other Criteria

  • Other (must meet all criteria)

i. Applicant must have lived or worked in Washington County for at least one year
(Other applicants may be considered if no suitable Washington County applicants are identified)
ii. Applicant has not declared a bankruptcy within the past three years
iii. Applicant is not on the sexual offender database