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Simple, Decent, Affordable Housing

A goal of South County Habitat for Humanity (SCHH) is to build basic, low cost, easy to maintain homes. A typical newly constructed Habitat home will be a two to four-bedroom, one to two story, wood frame house with a floor plan of 1,000 to 1,200 square feet.

Due to a number of circumstances, not every newly constructed SCHH home meets the typical home previously described. Additionally, circumstances may be somewhat different for existing homes that are rehabilitated. The style, layout, size and number of bedrooms of any SCHH home may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, building lot features and size, family composition and location.

SCHH strives to build homes using the most economical materials and techniques that will result in an efficient use of space, structural integrity and safety, energy efficiency, easy and low-cost maintenance and security for the homeowner. All building projects, whether new construction or rehabilitation, will meet or exceed all code requirements.


Whenever practical, SCHH homes are built to “Energy Star” standards which require that they are insulated using superior quality products and methods to ensure the utmost in energy efficiency. They will have passed an air leakage test, and have a full-time ventilation system. Therefore, they will not only be healthier and safer, they will have significantly lower heating and cooling bills than non-Energy Star homes. When the Energy Star standards cannot be attained due to circumstances beyond SCHH’s control, SCHH will insulate and ventilate the house to a standard that meets or exceeds all local code requirements.



South County Habitat makes every effort to ensure that our houses also meet ADA standards for accessibility, which means they may come equipped with ramps, wide hallways and doorways. Special accessibility modifications may be applied during construction to meet individual homeowner needs.

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