Board of Directors

South County Habitat Staff is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Directors are elected by majority vote of the members of the organization present at the Annual Meeting. Directors are elected to an initial one-year term. If after serving a productive initial term, the same Director may be asked and re-elected for a second term of three-years. At the conclusion of the second term, the same board member may be asked and re-elected to a third and final term of two years. No Director may serve more than three consecutive terms totaling no more than six years.



Valerie Henry, President
Sarah Miller, Vice President
Whitney Bancroft, Secretary
Don Wisehart, Treasurer


Helen Drew
Glenn Ferguson
Jill Kass
Chet Kosak
Dan Marantz
Pamela Rohland
Jerome (Jerry) Sidio
William (Bill) Stearns
Lisa Van Hemelrijck