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2017 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Thank you to all of our volunteers!


April 19th was a time for celebrating and giving thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers.  Over a hundred of us gathered at Christ the King Church Parish Center in Kingston.  The group enjoyed some good food from Arturo Joe’s and some great company with one another.

A special thanks goes out the all the volunteers on the Tuesday/Wednesday Build, Women’s Build, ReStore and Office/Committee members who volunteered over 100 hours of their time last year to help us toward our mission. And a special thanks also goes out to the attendees from our student affiliate at URI who participated in the fun.

Lastly, a very special thanks to our top volunteers who were presented with top awards:

***  Nancy and J. Whitney Bancroft Long Term Service Award

Carol Kadamus


***  Mark Smith Volunteer of the Year Award

Chet Kosak



20170419_Salerno_Habitat_AppreciationDinner-0248-CT Edit

 Nancy and J. Whitney Bancroft Long Term Service Award

20170419_Salerno_Habitat_AppreciationDinner-0262-CT Edit

Mark Smith Volunteer of the Year Award


                       20170419_Salerno_Habitat_AppreciationDinner-0274-CT Edit

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20170419_Salerno_Habitat_AppreciationDinner-0217-CT Edit

20170419_Salerno_Habitat_AppreciationDinner-0228-CT Edit

(Photo credits:  Michael Salerno)